The youngest in a family of 5, Abby was born in an almost small town in central California.  She spent her childhood climbing trees and trying to get into or out of trouble with her two sisters.  At 17 she left home permanently for Los Angeles, having spent the better part of her short years studying and performing opera around the country.  Continuing her development as an artist, Abigail enrolled in school in southern California and took all the acting classes she could.  Abby now works on film, stage, and network television.


  • Abigail has performed at the Hollywood Bowl more than once

  • Her first big TV job was a role on the NBC show "Life on Mars"

  • She can handle a gun and a horse

  • co-Writer and producer with Amber kenny on the webseries "classy parties"

  • Abby is a certified in Pilates

  • She has sung with the Boston Pops Orchestra

  • In her first Equity show she played the head of a T-Rex

  • she co wrote the project "Los angeles 10101", which placed at the atlanta international film festival

  • Loves a good whiskey, neat.